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-- is the trade association for sheep producers of South Dakota, representing both farm flocks and range operations.  South Dakota is the 5th largest producer of lamb and wool in the United States.

-- is a state member of the American Sheep Industry, the sheep industry voice involved in: meat safety, marketing, regulations through national education, communication and lobbying and legislation.

-- focuses on lamb and fiber promotion on a state-wide basis and keeping members updated on issues affecting the sheep industry.

Notes from Max Matthews, SD Sheep Growers president

Welcome to the South Dakota SheepGrowers website. I'm Max Matthews, President of the South Dakota SheepGrowers Association.  My family has been in the sheep industry for 75 years.  I am located in the northwest part of the state near Bison.

I would like to encourage you to join the SD SheepGrowers Association if you are not a member already.  Dues are only $50/year and are used in all kinds of projects throughout the year to promote the sheep and wool industry in our state.  You are encouraged to also get involved in a committee that interests you and help us out with your input and ideas.

You can find a list of directors for our association on this website.  Feel free to call me or any one of the directors with your questions or concerns related to the sheep industry.  We would be glad to help in any way we can.

The SD SheepGrowers annual convention will be held in Rapid City, SD this year on September 25 & 26th.  Brochures and registration forms will be sent to all members later this summer and will be available by email request to sdsheepgrowers@yahoo.com.  The convention committee has put together a very fun and informative convention this year ~ and we invite you to join us!                   

History of the SDSGA

     The Western South Dakota Sheep Growers  Association was formed in 1937 by sheep producers in an effort to eradicate scabies in sheep.  With their efforts successful, the organization was continued and became a member of the National Wool Growers Association in 1940.  In 1979, a statewide organization was formed called the South Dakota Sheep Growers Association.


The SDSGA has dedicated efforts in the following areas: Animal Health; Animal Damage Control; Labor; Taxation; Imports; Land Use and Development; Public Lands; and Legislation - both state & national.