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Membership to SD SheepGrowers Association is open to anyone with an interest in the sheep industry.

Dues are $50 per year for sheep producers.  Membership dues may be paid directly to SDSGA. 

Associate Memberships are available for $45 per year for persons or businesses not directly involved in raising sheep.  Associate membersips are "non-voting" and are typically for "friends of the industry".

Youth Memberships are also available and dues are only $5 per year.  Youth programs offered include: shearing schools, the 4-H Market Lamb Rate-of-Gain Project, and the Lamb-to-Finish Contest at the South Dakota State Fair. Youth memberships are also non-voting.

Anyone interested in the sheep industry is welcome to attend the SDSGA Annual Conference.

Request more information on becoming a member of the SD SheepGrowers by emailing sdsheepgrowers@yahoo.com.